Chicken & Egg Pictures

JULIE PARKER BENELLO, JUDITH HELFAND, WENDY ETTINGER (Executive Producers) launched and co-founded Chicken & Egg Pictures in July 2005.

Chicken & Egg Pictures is a hybrid film fund and non-profit production company dedicated to supporting women filmmakers who are as passionate about the craft of storytelling as they are about the social justice, environmental, and human rights issues that they embrace, translate, and explore on film. The company matches strategically timed financial support with rigorous, respectful, and dynamic mentorship as well as creative collaboration and community-building. Its filmmakers’ diverse voices represent a range of lived experience and realities that have the power to change the world as we know it. Past Chicken & Egg movies have included Eventual Salvation, with the Pariah team of writer/director Dee Rees and producer Nekisa Cooper; Mai Iskander’s Directors Guild of America-nominated documentary feature Garbage Dreams; Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers’ Lioness; Elizabeth Canner’s Orgasm Inc; Tony Hardmon and Rachel Libert’s Semper Fi: Always Faithful; Jennifer Redfearn’s Oscar-nominated documentary short Sun Come Up; and Cynthia Wade and Vanessa Roth’s Academy Award-winning documentary short Freeheld.

Purcell Carson

Purcell is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in New York. Purcell's award-winning editorial work has brought many worlds into her edit room, from a piano factory in Ben Niles's NOTE BY NOTE: THE MAKING OF STEINWAY L1037 to the Hollywood stunt set in Amanda Micheli's DOUBLE DARE (PBS's Independent Lens). Most recently, she edited the 2009 Academy Award winning documentary short SMILE PINKIE. She has also edited Gabe Rhodes and Keefe Murren's AUGUST IN THE EMPIRE STATE (Sundance Channel). Purcell assisted on LOCAL NEWS (a five-part series for PBS), AMERICAN MASTERS (PBS) and NEW YORK JUSTICE (A&E).

Ivor Guest

Ivor Guest is a British record producer and composer. His recent work includes Grace Jones' 'Hurricane' and 'Hurricane in Dub' albums (Wall of Sound), and the Brigitte Fontaine albums 'Prohibition' and 'L'un ne l'empeche pas l'autre' (Universal). He has worked and works with Brian Eno, Sly and Robbie, Tony Allen, Atticus Ross, Wally Badarou, Barry Adamson and British bands such as Polar Bear and The Invisible. His film credits include the British cult classic THE FOOTBALL FACTORY.

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